2006_03_oscars1.jpgIt's Oscar Night and Gothamist is here. Tonight, it'll be a joint effort, from our resident film guru Karen Wilson and our resident Oscar freak Jen Chung. We hope you weigh in with what you think!

KW: I have my popcorn, my diet coke -- I am ready for the spectacle and the excess.
JC: ALL RIGHT! I just took extra Vitamin C - I'm waiting for some food delivery.

6:36PM Isaac Mizrahi has NOT grabbed Dolly Parton's boob during the E! Pre-Show. And Keira Knightley has arrived and she looks amazing - and she's rocking the pony tail, as hinted in today's NY Times Styles article.

6:37PM George Clooney is dealing with Isaac's pattering. God bless you, George.

6:39PM Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger arrive (Brooklyn - REPRESENT!). Michelle's wearing a really bright orange-yelllow dress with a big ruffle around the V-neck; we can't tell if we're more distracted by the color or ruffle.

6:50PM Interview with Good Night, and Good Luck co-writer (and co-star) and producer, Grant Heslov, but the bigger picture is on Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

2006_03_oscars2.jpg6:55PM Steve Carell! Nancy Walls! Surely, this means a bit with John Stewart tonight. (Fashion note: Steve is wearing a neutral-toned tie, not a bow-tie.)

7:00PM Jessica Alba's hair is so old lady.

7:09PM Ang Lee is fielding the dumbest question from Isaac. While Gothamist knew this was bound to happen, this is awful awful awful - he's such a smart man.

7:09PM Naomi Watts on the ABC pre-show. She's wearing this nude colored tulle-layered-deconstructed dress from Givenchy. We can't decide whether or not we like it.

KW: Is Sandra Bullock at the Oscars with Keanu Reeves? Are they a couple? He's brushing off her dress. This seems personal.
JC: Well, Speed is a very important movie to both of them
JC: Oh, wait, they are in Il Mare together I think
JC: Upcoming release presenting couple!
KW: They recall that bus with fondness.
KW: I would believe that one more than the TomKat.

2006_03_oscars5.jpg7:12PM Chris Connelly interviews Heath and Michelle some really good questions about their roles in Brokeback Mountain, and they parry back praising each other as they seem to bask in the glow of their love and parenthood.

JC: Jessica Alba is really boring
KW: Hoorah, I just got a glimpse of one of my favorite celeb couples, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman. They are adorable.
JC: I'm just relieved William H. Macy isn't up for playing a disabled or impoverished character or something - that gets tired.

JC: Keanu looks a little bloated!!
JC: This makes me sad.
KW: Maybe for his newest role he has to look chubby.
JC: Chain Reaction 2?
KW: I don't mean to spread rumors but nothing says love like a few extra pounds from shared desserts and too many glasses of wine.
KW: Oooh, look it's Ziyi Zhang. I have such a girl crush on her. She's so beautiful and sweet.
JC: I hate Billy Bush.

JC: Have you seen Reese Witherspoon's dress?
JC: Is it another Kirsten Dunst cast-off?
KW: Bold hair move from Nicole Kidman. Down and straight.

KW: Yeah, she's really Botoxed within an inch of her life.
KW: I think she's really worried about the encroaching years. It's sad because she's very beautiful.
JC: Jennifer Aniston seems nervous! There's no Vince to hide behind.

7:41PM Felicity Huffman is wearing a gorgeous gorgeous Zac Posen dress. Gorge gorge gorge. But then there's a weird pair of video "Good luck/we love you" type of clips from the other Desperate Housewives. Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan were in one, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria in the other - which means Marcia and Teri must really hate each other.

7:44PM Billy Bush asks David Straithairn if he thinks he's a movie star. We really hate Billy Bush - and David Straithairn rules.

7:51PM No more pre-show! No!!

KWc: I feel a little like US Weekly saying this, but Rachel Weisz is looking pretty pregnant even in that slimming black dress.
KW: Jaime Foxx: really real. Really really.
JC: Is he presenting? Because I might have to leave the room. He lost me at the call-and-response from the Golden Globes last year.
KW: "Ooh! Ooh! Hey! Hey!" (insert vomit noises)

7:57PM Ha - technical glitches with Billy Bush in the Kodak Theater! More of that crappiness, please!
KW: Go home Billy Bush!
KW: Of course they'll find their seats! What a tool.

8:00PM The telecast starts with some CGI crap of an approach through a melange of various world cities/movie scenes. It's so terrible. Oh, and by the way, your Oscar broadcast is brought to you by a bunch of advertisers - we don't remember this from years past.

8:02PM Two minutes in and we've got our first Brokeback joke. But it's a montage sequence with Billy Crystal and Chris Rock - saying they are too busy to host the Oscars. Then it goes to Steve Martin. Then Whoopi Goldberg. Then David Letterman. Then Mel Gibson on the set of his weird movie. Ah, now it's Jon Stewart dreaming that he's being asked to host the Oscars, in bed with Halle Berry.

KW: 3 minutes in, a Mel Gibson is weird joke! Sweet.

Now the joke is that Jon Stewart has woken up...with George Clooney in his bed. And here's the opening and the Jon Stewart era.

KW: And here's Jonny! Lookin' good in the modern long tie.
JC: "Ladies...gentlemen...Felicity" That's cold.
KW: Har har. Not.
JC: Was someone checking their blackberry?
KW: 6 minutes in, first Death to Smoochy joke!
JC: 6.6 minutes in: Angelina Jolie joke.
JC: 7 minutes in: Democratic party joke.
KW: Jon's hitting all the old stand bys.
JC: Is the audience's tepid applause due to their nervousness that he'll go to political?
JC: Okay, boob joke, that brings the crowd's spirits up.
KW: I don't know if Hollywood's A list is really Jon's usual demographic.
KW: Classic George reaction look. Awesome.
JC: OH NO!!!
JC: 10 minutes in, dick cheney and bjork joke combo - we get to drink the whole bottle now, right?
KW: Which is bigger, Charlize's dress or her hair?
JC: cowboy movie montage to show homoeroticism?
KW: "Mind if I look at your Winchester" is pretty gay
JC: I hope all those gay theory teachers are Tivoing this!
KW: Think about the poor intern/low level producer who had to watch this many westerns for untoward subtext. Oh, the humanity.

2006_03_oscars3.jpg8:16PM Okay, there is a good zinger with Jon Stewart saying that the presenters will be announced in order of talent. It's Nicole Kidman to present Best Supporting Actor. Oh, Cate Blanchett isn't around since she's playing Hedda Gabbler at BAM. She announces the nominees in a weird way, starting, "The Oscar goes to a man who got his start as on a TV show as an ER doctor...or ..." If they do this all night, we're throwing the towel in. And it's George Clooney for Syriana! And his first words are, "Well, I guess I'm not winning Best Director."
KW: The Cloon! A big win for the leading man.
JC: they already have music!
KW: that's weird. shut that off
JC: Oh, brother- his potentially cool political statement has turned into kissing the Academy's ass
JC: that's lame
KW: That's just the way the Cloon rolls.
KW: Can he make a statement? Then, he will. He's our new Susan Sarandon.
JC: Yeah - the Playboy Susan Sarandon. But he didn't send a Native American to accept his award!

2006_03_oscars11.jpg8:25PM Jon Stewart makes it through his first commercial break and introduces a taped bit with Tom Hanks demonstrating how acceptance speeches have to be short. At the 1:10 mark, the musicians will approach the stage and tranq the Oscar winner with a clarinet. Cute, but low-fi. Ben Stiller comes out in a green body suit to announce the special effects awards. He has this whole bit about green screen.
JC: this is distressing
JC: I don't want to see Ben Stiller's "package" like this
KW: Way tmi
JC: Verdict: Ben Stiller needs Owen Wilson
KW: Seriously

The team behind King Kong wins.

8:30PM Reese Witherspoon presents the Oscar for Best Animated Feature to Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit! Aw, and Nick Park and Steve Box wear oversized bow ties and attach bowties to their Oscars. Best fashion statement since Lizzy Gardiner's American Express dress! Great speech.

8:35PM Dolly Parton comes on to sing her song from Transamerica. (Naomi Watts introduced her and said Dolly was one of her heroes.) Dolly is wearing a fabulous white suit and oozes energy and charm. She even gets the crowd to clap to the song! Everyone loves Dolly.

8:39PM 42 minutes in, a Scientology joke. 43 minutes in, a Baldwin brothers joke - Jon Stewart is on a role. The presenters for Best Short Film...
KW: Here's your Wilson brothers.
JC: And why Ben Stiller had to go at it alone.

Martin McDonagh, the acclaimed Irish playwright, wins for Six Shooter. Here are New Yorker reviews of his plays. And then Owen Wilson introduces some characters from Chicken Little - we guess because that's a Disney movie and the Oscars are on ABC. The Moon and the Son wins.
KW: Shout out to Tisch School of the Arts, aw yeah!
JC: Nice speech.

8:45PM Jennifer Aniston present Best Costume Design to Colleen Atwood for Memoirs of a Geisha.
KW: Jennifer Aniston looks ah-mazing.
KW: She's one classy lookin' broad. Her stylist does a great job.
JC: She does. But I'm an Angelina fan.
KW: Team Angelina.
JC: Definitely - I Brake For Maddox and Zahara.

8:51PM Russell Crowe walks out, pouting that he wasn't nominated for Best Actor in Cinderella Man. He presents a montage of famous people portrayed in the movies. Okay, maybe not necessarily famous, but "real" people.
KW: Russell Crowe, sans iron bracelets.
JC: It's Serious Russell With Curly Hair.
KW: This montage is sort of interesting in that I'm enjoying comparing how much the actors actually look like who they're playing.
JC: That's true - like Denzel and Malcolm X.
KW: Ben Kingsley and Gandhi, pretty good likeness.
KW: Also, Charlize and Aileen Wournous.

2006_03_oscars12.jpg8:57PM Steve Carell and Will Farrell walk on - Steve who is powdered, heavy browed and has fake eyelashes and Will who is overly rogued on his cheeks and forehead- for the Makeup awards.
KW: Wow, Steve Carrell looks like Liza Minelli!
JC: Good call - he totally does.

The winner is the crew from The Chronicles of Narnia - Howard Berger says Where the Wlid Things Are was his inspiration to be a makeup artist...but then he talks so much his partner Tami Lane doesn't get to say anything! Then Jon Stewart has a "It must be hard making Russell Crowe look beat up" joke. Then he tries to save himself by wondering if they topple the HUGE Oscar statue, will democracy reign?

9:02PM Aw, a "penguin's best friend" Morgan Freeman comes out and stumbles his opening to present the Best Supporting Actress award.
JC: i hope Catherine keener wins
JC: actually, no, Michelle Williams
KW: I love the Keener. She's so nice. This is such a tough category. Everyone is so great.
JC: Though Rachel probably will
KW: My prediction is Amy Adams.
JC: Okay, I predict Frances McDormand will NOT win.

Rachel Weisz wins for The Constant Gardener - Oscar loves pregnant nominees (Catherine Zeta-Jones won for Chicago while seriously pregnant).
KW: Ha, reference to the Mummy.
JC: Yes, America knows her as the sexy librarian being chased by Arnold Vosloo.
KW: Constant Gardner was a great film. If you haven't see it yet, Gothamist readers, rent it!
JC: Yes, great movie - Fernando Mereilles should have been nominated

9:11PM Lauren Bacall comes onstage to presents a film noir montage. She may have lost the Teleprompter, because her banter comes across stilted. Gothamist hopes there will be a list of all the film noir movies in the montage at Oscar.com because these are some of the greats. We can maybe name a handful: Out of the Past, Laura, Gilda, The Maltese Flacon, The Bad and the Beautiful, Murder My Sweet.
JC: I love film noir.
KW: Me too. Ankle fetishes and smoking cigarettes and women with great wavy hair.

Aha! Hilarious Daily Show-style spoof exposing the unseemly campaigning techniques of the Best Actress nominees. It's like they were negative campaign ads about the candidates from their competition.
KW: Steven Colbert voice over!
JC: or was that rob cordrry?
KW: I'm pretty sure it's Steve.
JC: and I think it's Rob!
JC: "readers, settle it"
KW: Judi Dench put my eye out in a bar fight!
JC: that's great

9:17PM Jon Stewart says Terence Howard will present the Best Documentary short award - but Stewart brings in another "pimp" and "agent" joke. The winner is the short, A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin. And co-winner Corinne Marrinan thanks the Academy for seating her next to George Clooney during the nominees lunch. Reaction shot from George: Priceless.

2006_03_oscars6.jpg9:20PM Charlize Theron presents Best Documentary.
KW: I'm going to go out on a limb and say Charlize's dress is a don't.
JC: Charlize is over overtanned too!
KW: She's usually so stunning. It's odd.
And the winner is...the March of the Penguins!
KW: The audience hearts March of Penguins
KW: -- and so does the Academy.
KW: Hehe, they have stuffed penguins with them!
KW: What if they hadn't won? Would they just hold those penguins in their laps during the whole show?
JC: yeah - and gotten people to talk to them that way

The winners make penguin noises and mention environmental issues.

9:25PM Jennifer Lopez, wearing an olive dress and looking super tanned (and toned), introduces the nominated song from Crash.
KW: Are there burning cars on the stage?
JC: Crap, it's a film with a message about not just L.A. race relations, it's also about PARIS
KW: I like this song, it sounds like Aimee Mann.
KW: It's shades of Magnolia.
JC: But that's my problem with it - it's boring that way, though good, you know?
KW: The slow mo dancers acting out the ensemble cast of Crash is really weird though.
JC: This is kind of insane. Where's my Debbie Allen-choreographed mess?
KW: Yes, it's completely innocuous. I'll forget it in two seconds. Sigh, Debbie Allen.

9:32PM Jon Stewart jokes about the burning being the okay kind of asbestos, only for Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to follow that. Mmm, the music of Speed, the great action movie of the summer of 1994 ("Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?"). Award for Art Direction....to Memoirs of a Geisha, which has been winning all of these technical awards.

9:36PM Samuel L. Jackson presents a montage of political statement films - and for some reason, it's over the music of Aaron Copeland's Applachian Spring, which Gothamist thinks more of as the "Beef: It's Good Food" music.
KW: Samuel L. Is there anyone more of the Man?
JC: I still want to see The Man.
KW: Racism = bad. Hollywood is so brave. God bless us, everyone.

9:40PM It's Sid Ganis, Academy president. We assume he can't fire Jon Stewart mid-show for undercutting the feel-goodness with his snark (which has been funny, we admit - but not right for the Oscars). Blah blah Sid Ganis talks about storytelling. C'mon, he does a "state of the art technology may change, but state of the HEART storytelling does not." We cannot believe Oscar winners don't get to give their speechs in order to make room for this.
JC: Please, who wants to listen to this blowhard
JC: This is when everyone should refill on their drinks...figure out what they are wearing tomorrow
KW: "Blah, blah, we hate DVDs, we heart movie theaters, ....zzzzz"

Sid Ganis pats himself and the Academy and Hollywood on the back for filming in Hollywood and FINALLY introduces Salma Hayek, who in turn gives a shout out to Bill Conte and the musician in the pit. Then she presents Itzhak Perelman who plays selections from the nominated scores.
KW: Salma Hayek, total hotness.
JC: amazing amazing amazing
JC: I think the Brokeback music should win - that music sticks in your head for weeks after
KW: yeah, the music was great
KW: I don't know how to quit you Itzak Perelman!
JC: He is fabu

And Brokeback Mountain's composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, does win.

2006_03_oscars4.jpg9:55PM In a bid to stir up controversy, Jon Stewart claims that Itzhak Perelman was finger-syncing during his performance. And Jake Gyllenhaal gets his presenter swag by introducing a Chuck Workman montage. Gothamist loves Chuck Workman montages, as we've grown up on them, but this is the first year where we feel like we've seen these most of these clips way too many times (though it's not necessarily the worst thing ever - we do love West Side Story). But we totally agree with Jon Stewart's joke that next, it'll be Oscar's montage of montages. Now it's Jessica Alba, old lady hair and Versace dress that makes her look old too, and Eric Bana, bringing some sizzle to...Sound Mixing. And the Oscar goes to King Kong.
KW: Poor little Jessica Alba, she's not a strong reader.
JC: No tone in her voice.
JC: But she ain't cast for her speaking voice, that's for sure.
KW: Damn straight.

The winners are so geeky, it's cute.

2006_03_oscars7.jpg10:02PM Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep come out to present an honorary Oscar to Robert Altman. (Panning camera shot of Jack Nicholson and wee young thing next to him - we think it's his daughter.)
JC: Okay, I get it - Altmanesque banter
JC: But I still smell Bruce Vilanch all over it!
KW: Is that what that smell is? I wondered.
KW: Meryl looks hot.
JC: Really hot. What's your favorite Altman movie?
KW: Hmm, tough call.
JC: I have a lot
KW: I love McCabe & Mrs. Miller...M.A.S.H
JC: YES! I also love The Long Goodbye and Gosford Park. And The Player, because I love movies about making movies.
KW: Me too.
KW: Dr. T and the Women is one of the most dreadful movies of all time. Hopefully they won't clip that.
JC: It is terrible, but i have to admit that i'll watch it when it's on cable - it's like a good rental
JC: i think i just like richard gere more than i want to admit
KW: But Tara Reid!
KW: She's a train wreck.
JC: I know - and I usualy hate her - but in that, she was good, all crazy and paranoid
JC: BTW, this depresses me.
JC: He should have won ages ago. And this is the booby prize.
KW: I know!
KW: That's what seems to happen with these honorary Oscars. It's such a backhanded compliment.

Robert Altman gives a lovely speech - he talks about how he did think these awards were a sign that it's over, how his doctor takes care of him, how he's had a wonderful career and thanks his wife Kathryn - and tells the Academy they may be giving him the award too early, as he received a heart transplant from a woman in her 30s ("I have still have 40 years on this one!").

10:17PM Ludacris introduces the song from Hustle and Flow - It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp. The lyrics have been totally rehauled, from this to "witches jumping ship."
JC: There are strobe lights - there are old people out there!
KW: Dancers pretending to be hos!
KW: And beating each other up!
KW: I want them to do a cut away to Jack Nicholson to see if he's nodding along.
JC: I'd like to see if Nicole Kidman's forehead can look confused.
JC: A William H. Macy cutaway would be good too
KW: Just for sheer randomness sake?
JC: yeah
JC: cognitive dissonance and all
KW: whoa, that was a long held note

2006_03_oscars8.jpgQueen Latifah presents the award...And, no way, It's Hard Out Here for Being a Pimp wins. Whoa, the camera work is totally weird - there must be something the Three 6 Mafia's shirts the producers can't allow on air. Jon Stewart is loving this: "You know what? I think it just got a little easier out here for being a pimp." And there's a joke about the Three 6 Mafia getting into a tiff with Itzhak Perelman's posse ("Dreidel-off.") And Jon asks the best question: "How are they the most excited people here?"

10:28PM Jennifer Garner - and her pregnancy boobs come out and almost wipe out as she stumbles on her gown (which we rate an "eh"). Then she hands the Sound Mixing Oscar to the team from King Kong. And one of the winners is adorably nervous.

10:30PM "Oscar Winner" George Clooney introuces the In Memoriam clip. Biggest applause: Pat Morita, Sandra Dee, Babara Bel Geddes, Chris Penn, Brock Peters, Ernest Lehman, Shelley Winters, Anne Bancroft (some cheering), Richard Pryor. Not Don Knotts or Darrin McGavin in the montage - maybe next year.
KW: Is it callous that I think "bathroom break" during the In Memorium section?
JC: Ha - I like listening to who gets the most applause
KW: It's such a popularity contest. A popularity contest for the dead.
KW: This is also the moment in the telecast where I realize how tired I am.
KW: Tear, Anne Bancroft.
JC: yeah
JC: I think they should eliminate all clapping - like no clapping at all during this
KW: it would be tough to enforce.
JC: I know - Hollywood assholes.

10:36PM Will Smith shows that he can say a few words in different languages...which means he's going to present Best Foreign Film. Sigh. But the winner is Tsotsi.
KW: The good thing about living in New York is how many of these Foreign Language nominees come to town. Tsotsi is playing now, I think.
JC: Definitely - and this is a passionate speech from someone who seems to really care.

10:40PM Jon Stewart says: "Martin Scorsese - no Oscars. Three 6 Mafia - one Oscar." Hmm, we don't know who that is a diss to. Anyway, Ziyi Zhang comes out to present Film Editing...and Crash wins.

2006_03_oscars9.jpg10:45PM Hillary Swank - all skinny - presents the Best Actor nominees. And Joaquin Phoenix mouths "I love you, River" (we think, per Margaret Lyons). And the winner is Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote. PSH waxes about his love for everyone and he singles out his mom who raised four kids on her own.
KW: Aw, single Mom love.
JC: Well, I hope his mom is wearing a "I'm Philip's mommy" shirt.

PSH does not bark like a dog, as hoped by Oscar-watches. (Apparently a high school bet with a friend, but let's face it, if we had to keep all high school bets, we'd be in serious doo doo.)

10:54PM Let's get this show moving! John Travolta presents the cinematography award to...Memoirs of a Geisha. Wow, big surprise - Gothamist thought it would be Brokeback Mountain. Okay, now it's Jamie Foxx presenting Best Actress, and Jamie, we thank you for keeping it brief. And the winner is...
JC: okay, felicity or reese?
KW: I think Reese.
JC: Yeah, me too. She's grown up in front of Hollywood's eyes
JC: The Man in the Moon was a big sleepover rental during middle school
KW: I love love love that movie.

2006_03_oscars10.jpgAnd Reese Witherspoon wins for Walk the Line. She's very flustered, but in her Southern ladylike way.
KW: She played Mama Mabel Carter in the 4th grade play, awesome.
JC: She's very cute
KW: Beyond adorable.
KW: And eloquent.
JC: yeah, just think what she would have done if she graduated from Stanford!
Reese thanks everyone associated with the film, her family, and notes the spirit of June Carter and her grandmother - great speech.

11:08PM Dustin Hoffman...Writing Award...
KW: Dear god, they've still got the writing awards and best picture.
JC: Director!!!
JC: i think this has been dragging
KW: Ahh, four more! Talk faster Dustin Hoffman

Winners are Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossama for their adapted screenplay of Brokeback Mountain. Larry McMurtry ends his speech by asking people not to forget that Brokeback Mountain was a book first and that the culture of books is important.
KW: Larry McMurtry loves books. He's like the grandpa you'd love to have.
JC: I'm reading Lonesome Dove right now!

Uma Thurman, who looks odd - really smokey eyes, hair's a little bit brassy, pale dress - presents the Original Screenplay Oscar...and it goes to Crash's Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco. Haggis goes on and on - all nervous - so much so that Moresco doesn't get to speak.

11:15PM Okay, we take it back - maybe the show is slightly better paced - and we figure out why. There are no introductions from various actors - the show flows from fadeout at the Kodak to clips of the Best Picture nominees. What's weird is that the Oscars put this weird disembodied hands (think two Things!) clapping, sorta like Sarcastic Clapping Family (the Oscar poster uses clapping hands). Whatever - we're thankful for slightly less time on this mess.

11:17PM Jon Stewart snarks on Larry McMurtry's decision to wear jeans. Boo on you, Jon - that was too easy. Okay, now it's Oscar royalty Tom Hanks to present the Best Director Oscar... to ANG LEE! Hoorah!
KW: Hooray!
JC: And it's not just because I'm Asian!
JC: Taiwanese director represent!
JC: But, no, Ang, that joke was terrible
JC: terrible
KW: Okay, favorite Ang Lee movie?
JC: Eat Drink Man Woman. I also love Sense and Sensbility and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
KW: Classics.
JC: Yeah - what about you?
KW: I love those, but also Ice Storm and The Wedding Banquet are awesome.

11:22PM Jack Nicholson saunters up and annoucnces the Best Picture nominees....and the winner is a big upset, Crash. Shouting and cheers, Hollywood likes to be liberal about race (and class) versus sexuality.
KW: Holy crud. Crash.
JC: SUCH A SHITTY MOVIE [Okay, not shitty - just not the best movie in the lot - we'd rank Capote, Brokeback and Good Night, and Good Luck over it]
KW: That was so not the best movie of the year.
KW: I'm so surprised how much late in the game momentum this movie got.
KW: Did it even do well at the box office at all?
JC: Yeah, it picked up a little steam
KW: Wow, they really cut [the producer[ off too. Callous

Yes, the orchestra really did cut off one of the producers of Crash, in order for Jon Stewart to end the show by 11:28PM. But Gothamist was still amazed by the win.
JC: It's about self-congratulation - Hollywood style
JC: Los Angelenos like to think they can cross racial barriers
KW: We support movies that are about Truth and Love and Honesty. We're so noble it hurts.
JC: Is this year's telecast better or worst than last year's?
JC: I mean, I like that Ang Lee and Wallace and Gromit won...but...
KW: I enjoyed Jon Stewart
KW: But it was mostly business as usual in terms of the general show.
KW: I was happy about Phillip Seymour Hoffman even though I didn't predict him.
JC: I don't know if I prefer Jon Stewart to Chris Rock.
KW: Chris Rock is also great.
KW: He's mean where Jon is snarky.
KW: But both are amusing.
KW: Poor Jon Stewart, he has to go talk to Jimmy Kimmel now? Tough gig.
JC: Who at ABC does Jimmy Kimmel have pictures of?
JC: Maybe ones of Sara Silverman that he shares?
KW: Sex tapes. He must have incriminating sex tapes.

Other fun things from tonight: Reese Witherspoon's win, Three6 Mafia's performance and win, just seeing Robert Altman, Larry McMurtry's speech, and seeing stuffed animals make their way to Oscar's centerstage. Gothamist will sleep on it and think of a few other things to chat about tomorrow, but till then, good night (and good luck). Thanks for reading!