Hi Gothamist night readers! We are at Roseland liveblogging the 2006 MTVu Woodie awards. Not exactly sure what we've got in store for the rest of the night...kind of playing it by ear here...but the kids are filing in, Beck and TV on the Radio are performing in a bit, and we are gonna try and keep up with all that's going on for the next few hours.

Honestly, we are far more comfortable at an event like this sitting off to the side, in front of a computer with people feeding us drinks rather than deal with the crowds and all this should be fun. Especially if you enjoy Gothamist's folksy grammar and spelling errors! Liveblogging!

TV on the Radio is totally night and day for us. The first song they played was a snoozer. The next one totally ripped! Wolf Like Me. Total burner. (Update: As luck would have it, I got home to find the song in my inbox. You can download the MP3 here) Haven't seen them live in a while, but if they can string together a set of songs like that, I can see why they're now considered in the upper echelon of live indie acts. Way to end the show on a strong note.

And thats it for tonight! Sorry about that midshow stall. Beck was great, had the puppets going in the background and all that. Lady Sov stomped out in her Biggest Midget in the Game Tee. A tipster told us that "Fuck" was actually on the teleprompter when she spoke. Takes away from the edge a teensy bit, no? She introduced Gym Class Heroes, who were actually pretty good! Their myspace song is a candidate for worst ever, but the ones they did sounded smooth.

Hopefully this didn't come out too jarbled. We're done here. If you get MTVu, check out the show next week. Goodnight!

Ghostface is up there...just gave Tool and Norah Jones a shoutout. Odd. He's here to announce the Woodie of the year. And the Winner is...
Angels and Airwaves!! OHMAGAH we're gonna get a Tom Delonge rant! This'll be good...

Mentions he was in a band 2 years ago (Blink)...Challenge yourself, blah blah. Too restrained! Where was the spaceship talk? Remember...he was the first to say his album the best in 20 years. Flowers totally ripped that angle off. We've seen A&A twice and he had never ceased to amaze us. Too bad. We wanted balls out lunacy!

Fred Armisan just announced TV on the Radio. Here they go..

Well, we're hopeless trying to catch up at this point, but let us say this: We were skeptical of this MTVu thing, but its good what they're doing. Pairing up bands you'd expect to see on MTV itself or FUSE with stuff bloggers and indie geeks are excited about. Now, we've never met anyone with MTVu...We think the U stands for university, which would lead one to believe it might only be on college campus networks. But its nice to see a mainstream outlet genuinely embrace legit indie music and get it into the ears of kids who don't read music blogs all day long. There are some really good bands getting featured on here like Tapes n' Tapes and Feist alongside the 30 Seconds to Mars stuff. Just wanted to get that in.

Wow...internet dropped out for the last hour. Kind of puts a damper on liveblogging a 2 hour event...but no matter. Check in with Modernage and BWE. They were able to keep going.

This is going way too fast. AFI just won an award, but missed what it was for (update: Alumni Woodie). They're showing a video of them now. We understand the eyeliner on dudes is hot these days, but these fellas look like worn out pre-op hookers. Seriously. Not sure what the appeal is there.

Ooh! A Silversun Pickups Video! Again...another band whose success took us by surprise. Love em, don't get me wrong, but never expected them to be following an AFI clip.

Jared Leto just won an award for 30 seconds to mars. He managed to avoid making an awkward group sex comment like the last time we saw him on an awards show.

Becks on next! Woo!
Breaking woodie goes to...Plain White T's! Plain White T's? Chamillionaire wuz robbed.

By the way, Imogen Heap is about 8 feet tall. Never seen her before in person. Expected someone kind of little.

Here we go! This place filled up in a hurry! Merlin Bronques just walked by. Ultragrrrl is here. Stereogum! There's a rumor Brooklyn Vegan might show! Best Week Ever just joined us at the liveblogging zone! The Internet is here in full force!

Imogen Heap is on, kicking off the show. She's singing the song that Trey got shot to on the OC a few seasons back. Great great tune. Anybody remember the OC?

Laura Modernage just joined us in the geek cage! Be sure to check her site throughout the night too.

Wow, they're blasting Tokyo Police Club preshow. 6 months ago these guys were the Canadian Indie sleeper of they're getting in the ears of this country's most impressionable at an MTV associated event. Dig em bigtime, but certainly never expected them to get this big this fast.

We'll be back in a few once this all gets going. Tho this isnt getting aired on TV for a week, so even if you have MTVu, you'll have to wait to see for yourself how it all turns out.