Director Jason Reitman has been staging star-studded live readings of classic films around L.A. for years now, from Reservoir Dogs to The Big Lebowski to American Beauty. His latest event is one close to our hearts: next Thursday, Reitman will stage a reading of Woody Allen's classic Manhattan at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. “From the onset of the Live-Read series, we wanted to hit all the major writers and Woody Allen is simply one of the greatest screenwriters of all time,” Reitman told EW. "If you’re going to make a series based on dialogue, you can’t find much better than Woody Allen.”

Reitman explained he chose Manhattan over Annie Hall and Crimes and Misdemeanors because of "how few characters there are and the way it uses the city.” He also explained its mass appeal beyond neurotic, nebbish New Yorkers: "It’s also a perfect movie for both those who live in New York, and outsiders who are fascinated by it. Diane Keaton is a transplant, new to the city, versus Woody Allen who is the most obvious native. He is the picture they would put in biology book if you needed a diagram of a New Yorker.

Earlier this year, Reitman staged a reading of The Apartment at the TimesCenter in Manhattan, a few months after he staged it in L.A. So maybe there's hope he'll bring Manhattan to its namesake early next year. As for who will be in it, Shailene Woodley (the future Mary Jane Watson) will play Mariel Hemingway's Oscar nominated Tracy, Fred Savage will play Yale, Mae Whitman will play Yale's wife, Erika Christensen will play ex-wife Jill, and The League's Jason Mantzoukas will play Dennis. Reitman hasn't said who will play Woody and Diane Keaton yet, but it'll likely be two big names—just imagine the sparks flying between Andrew Dice Clay and Lindsay Lohan in the scene below: