Remember last October, when Rivington Street got transformed with a psychadelic paint job? Well this weekend some of New York’s top street artists take on Times Square in Lies 2006, a month-long gallery show at the chashama center gallery. We hoped this would mean the tourist spot would get a similar treatment that Rivington Street got. However, in this case there is no painting storefronts and fire escapes for a movie set, this is an actual gallery show.

2006_03_arts_livepainting.jpgThe show will open and close with live painting sessions, though. The live painting will be on canvas and will be hosted by the Endless Love Crew, a popular street art collective based in New York City. The sessions will also be attended by dozens of artists from all over the region.

Live Painting in Times Square: Saturday March 4th & 25th // 1-6pm
Exhibit: March 4th—March 25th // Hours: By appointment // chashama center gallery [112 W. 44th St]

Photo Credit: Mike Oliver