After getting yourselves a coffee or some brunch this morning, which we currently need...desperately, you may ponder what to do with the rest of your Saturday. Look no further, Gothamist is here to point you in the right direction. If you aren't into anything on this list, the city has more to offer. Really! For those of you who like awesome music, for free, we suggest heading over to Sound Fix in Brooklyn. They'll be having some amazing instore shows today. First up at 1pm is Bonnie Prince Billy. Then at 2:30 Marbles and Clem Snide take over. The latter two are playing at the Bowery Ballroom tonight, the show is now sold out so this will be your only chance to catch them in New York this time around. Sound Fix is located at 110 Beford Ave, Williamsburg.

2005_03_artstiara.jpgAnd do you know what tonight is? Well it's The Miss Lower East Side Pageant! So take off your schlepy hipster uniform and put on a sparkly disposition girls. The contestents, gathered from a post on Friendster, will compete for the grand prize of a plastic tiara from the 99 cent store and $100 cash (in singles). But don't worry, even the losers get unlimited drink tickets. The Miss L.E.S. (which also can be pronounced "lez" signifying gay women) Pageant will be judged this year by Michael Musto, Mike Albo, Linda Simpson, Wau-Wau Sisters, and JD Samson from Le Tigre!
The five contestants are Miss Orchard, Miss Delancey, Miss Rivington, Miss Houston, and Miss Allen. The competitions include platform statement, swimsuit, evening gown, interview, swimsuit, and if there is time, talent. There can only be one winner, find out who she is later this evening at The Fez, 380 Lafayette Street [and Great Jones].

So...what else is happening this Saturday?