Johnny Gallagher, Jr.—who you may know as John Gallagher, Jr., or Jim Harper from The Newsroom, or Moritz Stiefel from "Spring Awakening"—is about to drop his new album, Six Day Hurricane. This is Gallagher's debut album, and he'll be celebrating its release at Rockwood Music Hall on Monday the 18th (tickets are sold out, but he'll be back in early February). Gallagher has a long history with Rockwood, and their recording arm will be releasing his album.

While you may have seen him strum a guitar a couple of times on The Newsroom, Gallagher's debut effort is different from anything he's done on screen or stage before. The nine tracks kick off with an Elvis-influenced burst and streamline into a country rock oeuvre best heard from a barstool.

Yesterday Gallagher, who recently moved to Brooklyn, gave us a little preview for our Gothamist House series—give a listen.

All videos by Jessica Leibowitz