Guns n' Roses has released a short video that seems to confirm the 21 cities they'll be hitting during their North American tour this summer. No dates are provided, and the band's lineup still hasn't been announced, and no matter what these shows will never occur in 1980s New York City, so what's even the point, man.

As we skeptically approach Axl & Co's dive back into touring life, let's go back in time. Nostalgia is great. You should live in the past. Never think of the future. It's safer that way. Here's the band's "Live at the Ritz" concert, filmed for MTV in 1988 at the now shuttered venue.

And now a question you should all be asking yourselves in regards to everything in life: Will the millennials care? Here is a Slack conversation I had with Office Millennial Rebecca Fishbein:

Me: Can you give me a comment on Guns n' Roses?
Rebecca: they are a band you have all made me listen to
Me: What do millennials think of Guns n' Roses?
Rebecca: probably most millennials like guns n’ roses but to me they are now just a reminder of the torture i’ve received at the hands of my non-millennial colleagues
Me: So you would not go to a Guns n' Roses concert?
Rebecca: no i would not
Me: Would you watch one on your phone?
Rebecca: 0 percent
Me: This seems unfair to Guns n' Roses
Rebecca: i’m sure most millennials like and/or tolerate guns n’ roses but personally i do not like them except for that one song that is okay
Me: Which one? There are so many HITS
Rebecca: That one with the child

Based on this conversation, we can assess that Guns n' Roses may get some millennial interest in their tour, as long as not every millennial has been subjected in a negative way to the band, as Ms. Fishbein has. And even more hopeful: the millennials probably have no idea who Izzy Stradlin is, so they won't care if there's or not anyway.