Inspired by New York’s resilient spirit, Stonehenge NYC, a leading real estate company in New York City,  is giving back to the city's artists by providing free housing to twenty creatives for one year. Taylor Lhamon -- New York-based actor, writer, and Still Standing residency coordinator -- goes into detail about this initiative.

What inspired the Still Standing Artist Residency?

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a year filled with struggle. New York City was hit particularly hard by this pandemic. However, struggle also has a way of bringing people together. After seeing how deeply the pandemic affected artists, I reached out to Ofer Yardeni, chairman of Stonehenge NYC, about the Still Standing Initiative. He received the idea with open arms, and the team has rallied together around this cause.

This is a really amazing opportunity for artists. Can you elaborate on what the residency will entail?

The goal of Still Standing is to provide artists with the space to both tell -- and shape -- the story of New York during this pivotal moment in history, by easing the financial burden of city-living. Recipients will live rent-free in a Stonehenge one-bedroom apartment, in exchange for commissions of their work, beginning in March 2021.

Who should apply?

We encourage anyone who considers themselves a creative to apply. New York is a city of multitudes, it doesn’t adhere to a singular narrative. From the Bronx-native to the midwestern transplant to the immigrant who made a home here -- our goal is to uplift these artists, their stories and work within the greater NYC community.

Applications close on January 10, 2021 -- submission and residency details can be found on the Stonehenge NYC website.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Stonehenge NYC and Gothamist staff.