Sassy magazine first hit newsstands in the late 1980s, a welcome publication for young women like me who shopped at Salvation Army and were described as being "alternative." It was an indie glossy at a mainstream newsstand, and it was filled with pro-girl articles that didn't zero in on how to please your boyfriend. There was a lot of open talk on those pages during its glory days, many about then-taboo topics. But you know all of this—entire books have been written about it.

The founding editor of the magazine was Jane Pratt, and what you may not know is that she formed an in-house band in the early '90s, featuring herself (violin), Christina Kelly (vocals), Robert Weeks (guitar), Jessica Vitkus Weeks (bass), Mary Ann Marshall (drums), and Karen Catchpole (vocals). They were called Chia Pet, and during their short existence they released a few songs. One called "Hey Baby," which is sort of a riot-grrrl-esque anti-catcalling/street harassment anthem. The song, which you can listen to below, features lyrics like, "I'm just walking down the street minding my own business, construction worker says, 'Nice tits!' Cab driver asks me for a date. Guy on the subway grabs my ass. Why don't you smile baby, don't you like me?"

You can see some photos of Chia Pet playing Wetlands in 1992 right here—during a Reddit AMA earlier this year, Pratt was silent when asked about a reunion.