Elvis in "The Trouble With Girls"

Elvis Presley recorded a short song called "Violet" in October of 1968. While the production took place in Hollywood, the song was set all the way across the country at New York University. The songs lyrics are as follows:

Underneath the foliage, in its bower set Loveliest of the flowers of spring Blooms the violet

Violet, violet, flower of NYU

We will ever sing thy praise
To thee we'll ere be true
(We'll be true)

NYU Local notes that it was "adapted from [the] American Civil War song 'Aura Lee'... recorded in 1968 for Presley’s 1969 film 'The Trouble With Girls.'" Elvis also adapted "Aura Lee" for his 1956 song “Love Me Tender."

The song was on the film's soundtrack, though the film is set in small town America. Elvis did, however, spend time in New York City, so perhaps he was drawing on some personal experience for these lyrics...