Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard, noted Seattle Mariners fan, reacted to the trading of the team's Ichiro Suzuki to the Yankees, took the news of the trade with stride, Tweeting, "Totally okay with this trade. Thanks for your best years, Ichiro. We will always look back on them fondly." But he didn't stop there—he also dusted off and shared a song that he wrote a few years ago about Ichiro, called, "Go Go Ichiro"—it's got an early-Beatles sound, and has been stuck in our heads all morning.

Some of the lyrics allude to Ichiro's base-stealing skills ("Rounding third and heading for home / Don't you know / Beats the throw / Any given moment he could completely blow your mind / So don't you take your eye / Off Ichiro / He stops the ball with the greatest of ease / And when he steals second, he don't say please / If they're not careful he'll take third too / Oh Ichiro it's why we love you.")—listen below: