Gothamist has long been beguiled by Thong Guy, whose dedication to wearing the least amount of clothing permissible in NYC is only matched by his wanton disregard for other people's eyes. Now finally, someone has written a musical tribute to the man who lets it all hang out: below, listen to Modern Beast's soft rock instant classic, "Brooklyn Thong Guy."

After a sweet solo section worthy of the Doobie Brothers (or at least the 2014 Doobie Brothers), songwriter and lead singer Tim Ellis concludes, "Don't put your clothes on/because then I wouldn't get to sing this song/about the Brooklyn Thong Guy." Based on our conversation with him back in 2012, we don't think there's any need to worry about that happening anytime soon. Thong Guy knows all too well that he has a responsibility to keep the flame burning for his fellow brothers who enjoy wearing a "tiny bit of fabric covering [their] schlong."