If you weren't sure what to listen to while clicking through that slideshow of Mike D's sweet Brooklyn brownstone—all day, endlessly, forever, while crying—a new Beastles mash-up album has dropped just in time. Some people are still into mash-ups okay?

Ben: Remember when mash-ups were a big thing? 2004, amirite. What a year.
Jen: it's still my favorite music genre.

The Beastles are a fictional band created by Bob Cronin, aka dj BC, and if you somehow didn't put it together yet, he mashes up the music of both The Beatles and The Beastie Boys—which isn't exactly legal. The latest is called Ill Submarine, and you can download it here, or just click play—but you may want to do it before it gets pulled:

[via FreeWilliamsburg]