2007_04_arts_lj.jpgDoes the story of women from Manhattan trying to keep up with their competition in the workplace while dealing with men issues sound familiar? Candace Bushnell's latest series (based on her book) "Lipstick Jungle" is filling that "Sex and the City" void that...probably none of us have felt.

The characters are reportedly a decade older than Carrie & Co, and starring in the show are Brooke Shields (as Wendy Healy - a movie executive), Kim Raver ( editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine), and Lindsay Price (unmarried fashion designer).

With a huge budget, the series has been filming all over New York, from Central Park's Boathouse Restaurant to a soundstage in Brooklyn recreated to look like the Bryant Park Fashion Week tents to a private jet at Westchester County Airport. The crew has also been filming in Williamsburg (photo at right taken on the Northside). One complaint about filming in the city (over LA), the executive producer told the Daily News: "We were filming in a brownstone which was so narrow we couldn't be on the same floor as the actors. Candace, DeAnn and I were sitting watching the monitors in the basement with the windows open so the cables could be trailed in from above."

At least it will look authentic! The crew is reportedly also dealing with this unseasonably cold weather (wonder if there were any "Chapstick Jungle" jokes), just like the rest of us. The show comes out this Fall on NBC, look for giant billboards coming to a building near you soon!

Photo via A Test of Will's flickr.