As we mentioned yesterday, the MTA's Transit Museum Annex opened its annual Holiday Train Show-- and this year there are the first-ever MTA-licensed NYC Subway Lionel Train Cars along with the recently released Metro-North Commuter Lionel Trains. A press release from Lionel Trains explains how the model subway train cars are extremely detailed:

"The R-27 Subway Car was first put into service by the MTA in 1960 and continued to serve New York City riders into the early 1990s. Lionel has created an exact replica of these trains all the way down to the kale green enamel finish, rooftop rivets and even the destination boards on the exterior of the train cars, along with opening doors and authentic subway sounds!"

The NY Times wrote, "Lionel sent a sound engineer to record noise in Brooklyn subway tunnels and on modern subways. That noise is played back as the four-car train makes its rounds."

The Lionel R-27 four-car set retails for $699.99; the Lionel Metro-North M-7 four-car set is $279.99. But you can see both for free at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex at Grand Central Terminal Holiday Train Show. There are nine trains en route from Grand Central to the North Pole! More details here.