Note: a few people were uncomfortable with the picture of Lindsay that we used on this post, so we took it down. We got the warning label from this fun site. Peace and love, y'all!

Brian Van and other downtown stalkeratzi take note: Lindsayism has got your number, and you are going down!

Cameras are ruining everything. Everything.

I think I first realized this a few months ago, when I was getting ready to go to a party thrown by a media guy, but bailed at the last minute when I remembered that he hires photographers for his parties (editor's note: blind item alert! our guess is this recent Yahooligan!). Photographers who don't take "Please, no" for an answer. Photographers who won't allow you to have even a three minute conversation without sticking the flash in your face. At another party, I hastily took a sharpie to a cocktail napkin, writing "NO PHOTOS" and holding it in front of my face.

Lindsay goes on to helpfully propose some Camera Etiquette for 2005:

Concerts: If your burning, aching need for the validation that comes with proving you were at a concert gets the better of you, just take a few pictures at the beginning and then enjoy the show. Also, you might want to take a few moments of quiet reflection before doing so, to think about what rock and roll is all about, why you're there, and what the late Kurt Cobain might have thought of your flagrant disregard for the fact that someone is performing for you and others and all you can think about is website hits or something.

Parties: Some people go out to see and be seen. Other people go out to interact conversationally with people they find interesting. Pray for god to grant you the wisdom to know the difference, because, and I know this is really hard to grasp so read it several times if you need to: There are actually people who exist who are not in love with their own image and have no desire to be on your blog/website/flickr page. They just want to talk to their friends. You can usually identify this rare breed of human by the withering look they give you as you focus your camera 4-5 inches from their nostrils. Leave these people alone and find the media whores - trust me, they are at every party and being photographed by you is probably the only reason they showed up.

If a Photo is Taken: Ask the person before putting it on your website or Flickr. It's just polite, you know? It's common sense.

We're pretty sure men like the CobraSnake aren't going to play by Lindsay's rules-- but some of the meeker photobloggers might. Do you have any suggestions to add to her list?