Earlier this week Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover leaked, and now the entire spread has found its way onto the internet. The January/February issue features ten photos of the actress baring her breasts and butt for Heffner's cameras. There are also words, hilarious words, describing Lohan—like the words that call her a "silver screen siren," and "America's most fascinating celebrity." They also claim this is a story of the rise, the fall, and the redemption of the fallen starlet. What do you think they mean by "the redemption"?

In the past few years Lohan hasn't managed to accomplish much more than breaking her probation, losing her Carvel black card, and starring in Labor Pains (have you seen Labor Pains)? So presumably this redemption they speak of comes from getting naked, thus the headline: Lindsay Reborn.

TMZ reports that Playboy is just furious over the leaked photos from the "highly classified Playboy photo shoot," and the head honchos are "freaking out" since the issue isn't hitting newsstands until next week. Check out the entire leaked spread right here while you can. It's very Marilyn Monroe (again), if Marilyn Monroe were an airbrushed trainwreck. (You can check out this NSFW photo from Monroe's shoot.)