So, Lindsay Lohan was briefly hospitalized at Mt. Sinai on Sunday night, possibly for a lingering case of walking pneumonia that was exacerbated by her arrest in the Meatpacking District last week. But her father and mother both say it's also because of the troubled starlet's asthma.

Michael Lohan told the Daily News yesterday, “She’s fine, but she had a bad case of asthma as a kid, so she has to take these things seriously. When she was a kid, we almost lost her a couple of times because of the asthma." And Dina Lohan said, "Lindsay had not been feeling well all last week following a week of high pollen counts in New York. She has had bronchial asthma ever since she was little."

TMZ reports that Lohan has also been blaming the anxiety brought on by her arrest, but the gossip site is a little skeptical, "That's right, Lindsay is blaming stress for her damaged lungs ... Lindsay, the infamous chain smoker who blew through 49 packs of cigarettes in 47 days while she stayed at the Chateau Marmont this summer." Maybe Michael and Dina should show Lindsay why smoking and asthma aren't a great combo?