Now that she's been arrested for leaving the scene of an accident—after allegedly striking a pedestrian on West 16th Street last week—troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is fighting back. To the point of wanting to sue the alleged victim!

After midnight on Wednesday, Lohan was, for some reason, driving a 2010 Porsche Cayenne SUV into an alleyway/freight area between the Maritime Hotel and Dream Downtown. Jose Rodriguez, a chef at the Maritime, claimed that Lohan hit him with the car and kept going, so he went after her and exchanged words with her and her entourage. Rodriguez, who said his doctors told him he had torn tendons in his leg (hence the brace and wheelchair), insisted that Lohan "smelled like alcohol real bad."

A surveillance tape is inconclusive, but police say that when they arrested Lohan at 2:30 a.m., they did not believe alcohol was a factor. And another witness said Lohan was sober, too!

So now TMZ is reporting, "Lindsay believes she could lose work if people think she's off the wagon, so she's planning on suing Rodriguez for defamation." Apparently: "Lindsay is saying, 'I'm tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck.'"