Fresh off her cop-filled failed intervention Lindsay Lohan got some good news today. She isn't going to be charged for allegedly running over some guy with her Porsche outside the Dream Hotel last month! Thank goodness for videotape! Her parents must be so proud! Oh, wait.

This is very good news for the constantly troubled former star. After all she has a big, uh, Lifetime movie to promote and she probably wants to talk about that in her highly-anticipated sit down interview with Barbara Walters instead of, oh, her substance abuse problems, creepy dad, allegedly coked up mom, hotel hijinks, troubles getting to work, etc. Then again, having seen the trailer for Liz & Dick maybe the things that keep her in the news are exactly what she wants to be talking about.

Oh, and in case you were worried, according to TMZ LiLo is still planning on suing her accuser for defamation. Somebody has to pay for her Dina's alleged drug habits!