Lindsay Lohan has posed nude for the cameras before, playing the role of Marilyn Monroe for a New York photoshoot a few years ago, and now she's done it again, but this time it seems a little more desperate. The fallen starlet has been having money troubles in the recent past, and... did you see Labor Pains? Things haven't been going so well.

According to TMZ's sources, Playboy originally offered her $750,000, but that was way below Lohan's asking price—she did, however, settle on $1 million (which was also below what she was hoping for, and is about the going rate for a D-list reality star). While there's no issue date yet, reportedly the photoshoot happened last weekend... either before or after she was scrubbing toilets at the city morgue.

Here's Lohan in a NSFW video shoot for Muse magazine two years ago—would you shell out money to see the trainwreck naked again?