Lindsay Lohan, when not getting Billy Joel tattoos, is apparently still getting invited to high-profile events, like the V magazine party at the Top of the Standard (nee the Boom Boom Room) last week. And, in typical Lindsay fashion, things got a little



Lohan reportedly "didn't want to be photographed (ah, the irony), and threw her drink at a V photographer who tried to snap a pic," leaving broken glass all over the floor. The photog promptly tweeted about the incident, writing "Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for @vmagazine. C.u.n.t." But that's not all!

Another guest at the party apparently slipped and fell, promptly slicing her arm open on the broken glass that MAY HAVE COME FROM LINDSAY'S DRINK, sending blood gushing all over the slick party palace. One witness said, “There was so much blood spurting, it was like a horror movie. The party was packed and blood was spurting onto people’s clothes. Paramedics were called, but they took more than 20 minutes to get there, and a friend held the girl’s arm to try to stop the bleeding.” Gross!

Also, she was there with her mom Dina and maybe sucker-punched an innocent bystander, too. And now the phtographer who called her a cunt is trying to make amends (sort of). Oh, Linds, we liked you better when you were just getting drunk and making out with the sidewalk.