Oh, Lindsay Lohan. The troubled starlet was arrested earlier this morning after allegedly punching a fellow club-goer at Avenue, a nightclub in Chelsea. And this, just weeks after proclaiming that she was in a "good place"!

According to TMZ, "she got into some sort of argument with a female patron and it became physical. We're told cops came and arrested Lindsay for allegedly assaulting her. Law enforcement tells us prior to the fight words were exchanged between Lindsay and the woman as they sat in separate booths near each other. Lindsay said something to the effect of, 'Give me my space.' Some time passed and then, for some reason, Lindsay allegedly punched the girl in the left side of her face."

According to the Post, Lohan's alleged punch caused "bruising and swelling to the victim's face, cops said. Law enforcement sources said the victim was initially scuffling with another woman before Lohan got involved." Also: "Lohan was actually banned from Avenue years ago, after tweeting about Justin Timberlake's dating blunders, but that ban was later lifted."

TMZ has video of a handcuffed Lohan being taken into custody—from this angle, it's hard to tell whether the cop makes sure she doesn't hit her head on the roof of the cruiser:

Lohan, 26, was charged with third degree misdemeanor assault and given a desk appearance ticket. In September, she was accused of striking a pedestrian with her SUV at a Meatpacking club (the charges were dropped) and then she accused a former House Congressional staffer of choking her at the W Union Square (charges were dropped against him).

Besides an altercation with mom Dina Lohan that prompted Long Island police to respond, Lohan is also in trouble with Los Angeles authorities for apparently lying to police about a June incident where she drove her Porsche into a tractor-trailer on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Of course, this past Sunday was the premiere of her Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick, where she played Elizabeth Taylor; it got okay ratings and could possibly be a bad movie classic (but it's not campy enough).