[UPDATED BELOW] Things got all Rite of Spring over at Lincoln Center last night, which went a little lo-brow for the evening hosting a Rock n' Roll Circus featuring Brooklyn band Japanther. According to the NY Post, at 11:30 p.m. around 100 fans—of the 1,000 in attendance—rushed the stage during the show in Damrosch Park (you call that a riot? This is a riot!). The co-producer of the event told them, "People were crowd-surfing and jumping on each other. It was like, what the hell just happened?"

Even the teenagers were scared! One told the paper, "Oh, my God, it was crazy. I was off my feet for a whole minute. I thought I was going to die in there. I thought my friend was going to get trampled because he fell and hit his head pretty hard." Brooklyn Vegan (who has photos), points to one attendee's Twitter, which declared: "That's what i'm talkin about. Carnage. Total carnage. Up the punks!" Kids these days.

When the lights were turned on the moshing kept going, but eventually everyone was tossed out of the tent (which normally houses the Big Apple Circus)—and the band only got to play three songs. We've contacted the band for comment and will update if we hear back, we're also waiting on confirmation that tonight's show will still go on.

UPDATE: One of the promoters of the event has told us, "Tonight is full steam ahead, the bands are all psyched as are the promoters. Last night was the unfortunate result of a couple die hard fans that ruined it for everyone. Japanther shows are notoriously raucous and last night was closed down to ensure the safety of the concert goers. We respect the decision of the venue security staff and look forward to a crazy, but not AS crazy show tonight."