Just when we were getting psyched to see Linds go all blond and brassy for her role as Victoria Gotti in the upcoming mob biopic Gotti: Three Generations, producer Marc Fiore announced yesterday that he had dropped La Lohan from the project due to "the various demands of her management team getting out of control." We were bummed, because this seemed like the perfect opportunity for Lindsay to return to her Long Island roots; plus we were kind of curious to see her play daddy's little girl to John Travolta, who's been cast as the Dapper Don, John Gotti. But a few hours later, hope returned!

Fiore was back yesterday afternoon to explain that after Lohan called him to apologize, he re-hired her, not as Victoria, but as Gotti's daughter-in-law Kim instead, a role Lohan's BFF Kim Kardashian was initially considered for. Gotti: Three Generations is taking a long and winding journey to the big screen so far; beyond looking for a new Victoria, Fiore is also on the hunt for a new director after Nick Cassavetes dropped out on Tuesday, less than a week after officially announcing the project. Those Growing Up Gotti boys must be thrilled!

We're not entirely convinced Lindsay's in like a made (wo)man—the preliminary hearing for her necklace theft case is scheduled in LA tomorrow, and the troubled starlet was recently seen making out with the city's sidewalks, but fingers crossed.