Last time we checked in with our favorite prison blogger Lil Wayne, he had been caught with "music contraband" in his jail cell, and things weren't looking so weezy-breezy for the superstar. But weep not for the ESPN blogger! In a new letter to his fans, he reveals that prison actually is pretty easy:

I wake up around 11AM. Have some coffee. Call my kids, and my wonderful mother. I then shower up. Read fan mail. Have lunch. Back on the phone. Read a book or write some thoughts down. Have dinner. Phone. Pushups. Then I listen to ESPN on the radio. Read the bible, then sleep. That’s my day.

Wayne also revealed that he has been working on new music, as promised, though he made sure to carefully word it this time, lest he get raided again:

So I’ve been writing and let me be the first to tell you that the lyrics that I’m writing are… well there’s no word that I can think of that properly defines them. Amazing would be too typical and perfect would be unfair. I listen to the radio sometimes, emphasis on sometimes, and I hear the new music.

Famous friends such as Eminem have been calling for his release, but maybe he's happier currently squeezing those oranges into orangeade. Regardless, new reports suggest that Wayne will be released from prison in November, after serving eight months of his year-long sentence.