The angels are rejoicing today—after eight months in jail over a gun possession charge, Lil Wayne is finally free! But just as his sentencing was continually interrupted by bizarre occurrences, including a courthouse fire and dental surgery, his parole came with its own minor snag: a miscalculation nearly forced Wayne to spend an extra day in jail. Once that was cleared up, Wayne was discharged from Rikers prison around 8:30 a.m. today.

His Young Money crew all tweeted their excitement over the return. But it wasn't as if Wayne was so distant in prison: he spent much of his time corresponding with fans, cryptically working on new music, or generally having a grand ole time. Wayne will have a 36-month probation period (unsupervised probation will be transferred to his home state of Florida), but we can't wait till he can get to Chappaqua for his collaboration with fan and saxophonist Bubba Clinton.