The repo man says business is booming in a Channel 11 news report about the rise and tide of auto repossession -- the segment even features a cameo by Lil' Kim! Seems the rapper fell behind on at least four payments and when she refused to give up the keys to the $250K car, it was loaded onto a flatbed truck. She gave the repo men (who say the car is "not hers") about the same respect she gave the reporters on her doorstep, who she told to "get the f--- outta here. You are so f---ing ridiculous."

Lil' Kim has had car trouble in the past; last year she was pulled over in another car, her new Lamborghini, when police noticed her license plate was missing (turns out she didn't have her license, either). That car was allegedly a gift, as Kim's publicist claims the Bentley also was.