foxykim0807book.jpgRappers Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown (otherwise known as Kimberly Jones and Inga Marchand) were separately contracted to write books for Simon & Schuster...but after collecting their advances, each failed to produce manuscripts. By not making good on their words, they were each delivered a lawsuit in New York State Court yesterday.

The NY Sun reports that Jones received a $40K advance for her booked titled, "Untitled Novel" and Marchand received $75K for hers, called "Broken Silence" -- the former is four years late, and the latter is two years overdue. C'mon ladies, even 50 Cent turned in a manuscript for the publishing house! However, maybe they should be cut some slack since they each did some jail time when they (or a ghost writer) could have been laying down some ink about their lives. And besides, Kim was busy writing her other book, The Price of Loyalty, due out later this year through St. Martin's Press.

The two would-be authors now have the publishing house asking them to return the advance royalties, plus interest (Lil' Kim was already paid a visit by the repo man so getting that money back from her may be a pipe dream, S & S).