We thought it was odd that the NY Post had a prominent Monopoly scratch-n-win promotion on their September 11 front cover, whereas the Daily News had a subdued cover that just listed the times the Twin Towers were struck five years ago. Sure, the Post is tacky, but it also rushes to take advantage of people's sympathies. We suppose that Post had some contractual obligations with the promotion, but lately, the Monopoly Man has been dominating the cover. And on today's covers, the Daily News elegantly shows a man at the Ground Zero reflecting pools, while the Post's cover is a hodge-podge of scratch-n-win, Bush's speech and Anna Nicole's son's death (the Times' NY 2006_09_amnysep12.jpgTimes above the fold coverage is part September 11 anniversary, part coverage of war in Iraq, and part Harvard-ends-early-admission next year). We're curious which issue is more popular on newsstands - continued, solemn reverance or the chaos of life (and scratch-n-win).

And one cover image we were struck by is the one amNew York used: It's a photograph of Patricia Smith, whose mother Moira Smith, is seen in this photograph leading a man from the World Trade Center. She died a few minutes later and was the only female police officer killed. Martin Glynn, a trader who worked in Tower 2, has an account of Smith helping direct people to keep walking out of the WTC and not to stop. The Daily News wrote in 2001 that Smith was "last heard from somewhere between the fifth and third floors, assisting an asthma patient"; Glynn told the News, "Heroism is not only running into flames. It's doing your job in the face of horror."