Way back in June we went to enjoy Band of Horses at the Bowery Ballroom and had the unfortunate luck of being at a show where Jann Wenner's future reality show rejects were sent "on assignment". They were loud, drunk and in the above clip you can catch a glimpse of their venue manners, and much more.

Best part of the series trailer?

Possible future RS writer #1: "Can you think of a better word to use than 'amazing'?"
Possible future RS writer #2: "How about 'awesome'?!"

The show, I'm From Rolling Stone, appears to have some more serious "contestants" in it - so hopefully one of them got the job. It hits the small screen on January 7th, and we sort of wish it somehow involved a Charlie's Angels-esque routine call from Ben Fong-Torres, handing out the assignments.