Talk about a hot mess, the Project Runway powers-that-be barely made it work but word is that the show will finally be able to hit airwaves again. Earlier this year the finalists for the yet-to-be-aired season weren't even allowed to show their faces at their own Fashion Week shows because of the legal battle, but now it's being reported that "the long and bitter litigation over the hit reality series came to an end Wednesday when the Weinstein Company, which owns the show, agreed to pay NBC Universal a settlement fee, acknowledging it had improperly sold the show to a competitive network without giving NBC a right to match the offer." This past September NBC successfully prevented Lifetime from airing the show, and now the Weinstein Company will pay NBC a fee for the right to move the show to Lifetime. Expect the new season to air this summer, and according to their deal, there's five more years to come!