Were you wondering how Molly, the cat who got stuck in the wall at Myers of Keswick and was rescued to much media attention, was doing? The Daily News grilled employees about the fearless mouser:

"She's just fine," said Ben Allen, 34, who works at the store. "If she was older, 14 days in a hole would have finished her off, but she was young enough to bounce back from anything.

"In fact, I came to work the other day and she's outside looking in the same hole she was stuck in.

"She's a tearaway, a real character that won't be told" what to do.

Other great post-scripts: Tourists visit the British foods store to see Molly; Allen says he was thinking of getting "I met Molly at Myers" t-shirts made; and the walls were repaired, helped by $1,000 in donations.

Photograph of Molly, held by Myers of Keswick owner Peter Myers (and the man who rescued Molly was Kevin Clifford, one of the sandhogs helping with the third water tunnel!)