S. Epatha Merkerson in 'Fucking A'; photo - Public TheaterS. Epatha Merkerson, Lieutenant Van Buren on Law & Order, stars in a new play at the Public Theater, "Fucking A." Ben Brantley of the Times feels it's well acted if uneven and another sign of playwright Suzan Lori Parks' talent. (Brantley's review is also amusing for how it tries to explain the full title: "The full title of '. . . A' cannot be printed here. Suffice it to say that 'A' is modified by an obscene word heard regularly on the streets of New York and is the adjective of choice on 'The Sopranos.'") S. Epatha certainly has come a long way from playing Reba the Mail Lady on Pee Wee's Playhouse, but her tough-yet-sympathetic demeanor was apparent even then.

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