Everyone knows: books are boring. So thank heavens that the Library of Congress is doing SOMETHING worthwhile with all our tax dollars: building a "national jukebox!" Spoiler alert—it's not a jukebox, per se, but "a century's worth of audio recordings in a 45-acre vault in Virginia, housing near 6 million rare recording on wax cylinders, paper piano rolls, vinyl and more." And here we were, thinking that we were the only ones who still listened to Handel on our Talking Machine.

L Magazine notes that the collection includes "Leonard Berstein, Aaron Copland, early recordings of jazz and blues masters, and NBC Radio's entire catalogue of World War II coverage." We're not sure how they fit NPR inside this "jukebox," but what about the HITS? Where's the Kinks? Def Leppard? Poison? GaGa? Luckily, you won't have to de-wrinkle a $5 bill to listen to its bounty, just head over to its website. Given the below disclaimer, there may be hope for some yet!