The Village Voice's Jeff Byles writes essay about Daniel Libeskind's new memoir, Breaking Ground, which includes Libeskind's reaction to the sour reaction to his Freedom Tower design. While Byles wishes that Libeskind could be allow to "be Libeskind" (full of imagination, not corn), Gothamist was mesmerized by Libeskind's fascination with the film, The Shining. Here's what was excerpted from the memoir:

Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall up in that giant, fading resort in the Rockies. People have their own interpretations of the movie, but to me it's about architecture, and the fact that woven into the fabric of every building is a past, and spirits, and a spiritual reality, and if you try to resist their force, something terrible will happen to you... ...The repeated, deadly visions of the pretty twin girls have struck me as visions of the Twin Towers themselves.

Interesting...but Gothamist doesn't think the LMDC or Larry Silverstein wants to bring up ghosts in the scary movie context so much. And, like, don't incorporate bleeding walls.

Gothamist saw Libeskind with wife Nina in Tribeca the other weekend, and boy, they are tiny and are their glasses hip. A great Shining parody: The Simpsons' The Shinning. Daniel Libeskind's official site and the plans for Freedom Tower at the WTC site. Plus Gothamist on Libeskind.