If you're wondering where some of Letterman's old Late Show set will end up, after being pulled out of dumpsters outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater, look no further than eBay. The real gem over there, however, is from an old school dumpster diver—our very own Kramer—who has put up Letterman's even older set, his first at CBS. The seller explains:

These are original props from the set of Late Night with David Letterman. These were part of the NYC skyline. I found these in New York 20 years ago and stored them until now. Amazing thing if you've got a room big enough. There are three of them. The biggest is 5' x 12' x 8". You can see the original stickers from the union shop that made them. They are essentially light boxes with some kind of printed vellum of the painted buildings over plexi. Dozens of small light bulbs inside each of them light it up.

There's even video, wherein we discover the seller is Igor Vamos, or Mike Bonanno, of the Yes Men. We've contacted Bonanno to find out more about when and where he discovered the set, and will update when we have more information. The whole thing is pretty fantastic, with more tenements than sleek skyline featured. The starting bid is $10,000.

Here's Letterman's first Late Night show, with the set... and Bill Murray.

You can get a look at Letterman's earlier set, from NBC's Late Night, right here.

Correction: Previously we wrote that this set was from Letterman's NBC Late Night set from the 1980s, but it is actually his first Late Show set from the early 1990s. We regret the error... but it's still pretty cool.