Letterman is celebrating his 25th anniversary of being on the air as a late night host tonight. Today in 1982 Letterman launched his "Late Night With David Letterman'' show on NBC (which has since moved to CBS). His guests on that show were Bill Murray, Warren Zevon and ongoing character Larry Bud Melman. Paul Shaffer led the band (which at the time was called the World's Most Dangerous Band).

There hasn't been much going on to mark the occassion, but The Daily News put together a Top 10 list of their favorite Letterman moments over the years. Their picks include Madonna's 1994 appearance in which she "dropped 13 F-bombs", Britney breaking the news she was pregnant with a 2nd child just last year and of course Drew Barrymore who came on the show and flashed Letterman in 1995.

Letterman has also had some great musical guests throughout the years, from Brooklyn band The Hold Steady (watch here) to the reuniting of Sonny and Cher (watch here), Bruce Springsteen dropping in for the final NBC show and performing "Glory Days" (watch here) and R.E.M. making their first national television appearance in October 1983 (watch here - note how Michael Stipe gets out of the way for the interview portion).

The site doesn't mention a musical guest for tonight, but Bill Murray will be back!