While poking around on YouTube recently we stumbled onto this awesome clip from 1989 of David Letterman appearing on Live at Five and Live at Five simultaneously appearing on Late Night With David Letterman. In it, we see Letterman, whose studio 6A is just across the hall from WNBC's Live at Five's studio 6B, being interviewed by Jack Cafferty (and vice versa) on the occasion of a prime time anniversary show. Late Night taped its show every afternoon as Live at Five broadcast live, and Letterman on occasion popped in on Live at Five and was noted for complaining that WNBC's newscast got better guests then he did.

There are some gems, other than seeing what Sue Simmons and Al Roker looked like in 1989, such as a Top Ten List of Rejected Promotional Slogans for Live at Five, and Paul Shaffer and the band doing a cover version of the Live at Five theme.

The current incarnation of Late Night, now with Conan O'Brien, is still across the hall from WNBC's news studio on the 6th floor of 30 Rock. In February, WNBC had a reception in their studio and the question and answer session of their NYC Blogger Summit in 6A.