Lots of news at Casa de Gothamist this week, so let's just jump into it:

1. Andrew Krucoff has filed a petition to break the indefinite, involuntary servitude contract we signed him to at the beginning of the year, and for humanitarian reasons, we have seen fit to grant his request. Krucoff has made a tremendous contribution to Gothamist - his 100+ interviews will stand as a testament to his wit, intelligence, and kind-heartedness for all time. Krucoff is moving on to a new position with our friends at Gawker, where he has worked as a contributor for some time. We wish him Godspeed and much success in his new endeavor. Ever the gentleman, Krucoff has agreed to stick it out for two more weeks of interviews while we attempt to find someone man, woman, or whatever - crazy'll do - enough to carry on his legacy at the Gothamist Interview (we have decided to retire The Young Manhattanite name as a tribute to the founder of the franchise). If you are interested in taking over the job, or want to help us out by filling in as a guest interviewer for a week, we are interestd in your services. Requirements: The ability to create interesting email interviews, the tenacity to track down interview subjects, and the diligence to get five interviews done each week.

2. Chicagoist has been a great success and a lot of fun for us, so we've decided to take our freakshow to a new city: Los Angeles. We decided to name the site LAist, which we find is short, to the point (pronounced "el-lay-ist"), and available, domain-wise. The new site will be written by our friend Tom Berman, an expert on the city and a great writer, and by a number of great contributors. The public beta will begin next Monday, but if you are interested in taking a sneak peak and helping us work out some bugs, shoot us an email and we'll give you a link to the homepage.

3. For weeks we've been working on our newest section: Gothamist Arts & Events. This new feature will be edited by our friends Jen Carlson and Mindy Bond. It will expand on Mindy's great Events page with posts about art, television, film, architecture, and theatre. We'll be announcing it officially next Monday, but if you'd like to have the first look, you can take a look at the page today.

If you have any questions, email me [Ed.: Which means, email Jake at jake@gothamist.com]. It's been a great year for us at Gothamist - we've loved getting to know all of you and sharing our passion for New York. Here's to the next six months!