Jason Calacanis deserves a public apology for for the post we put up earlier in the day. When we wrote the post, it was meant to be light hearted- poking fun at Jason's latest blog and asking some obvious questions about Weblogsinc. When we tipped him off to the post, Jason got very upset, and especially objected to a line where we jokingly questioned his decisions about staffing. We joked that he had hired his mother and friends to staff his blogs, and that neopotism is probably not the best way to guarantee great blog talent. When Jason got upset, we took out the offending line, which he preserved in the comments. We also softened some of the adjectives in the third and fourth paragraphs, because we wanted to make it clear that the tone was playful, and not mean. I forwarded the IM transcript of our conversation to the Gothamist staff, to tip them off that Jason was angry. That email got sent around a little bit, which was not my intention.

So, to Jason, a large public apology: we apologize that our tone or anything we wrote in the post was hurtful to you. Obviously, Gothamist has the greatest respect for you, your mother, and all the men and women who work for Weblogsinc.