As I mentioned earlier, Gothamist is rolling out some new features. Today, we're launching the beta version of the Gothamist Events feed, a listing of concerts, shows, happenings, pow-wows, drunken posses, and other occurances that we feel may interest you, our surly, panda-obsessed readership.

The events listing is being edited by a new member of the Gothamist family - Mindy Bond, of late a contributor to Flavorpill and a fully qualified expert about things going on around town. She's so far ahead of things that she knows where your band is going to be playing before you guys have even met. Editorial assistant Willa Paskin is helping Mindy crank out the page, and Matt Kingston is responsible for the events feed programming. Special thanks are also due to Andy Baio, who has allowed us to use to power the entire page.

How can you help? Go to the page, check out the listings, and let us know if we're on the right track. Send Mindy ideas for events that you think people should know about, and join and submit those events online. And if you want to join the staff and cover a certain beat - tribal music, non-primate art shows, nude baking contests, whatever- send me an email and I'll get your ass signed right up.

And an upcoming event to look forward to: Another Gothamist-601AM happy hour, to be scheduled soon.