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Dear Jake. My apologies for calling you yuppie scum. You're actually a
smug cock who talks out of both sides of your mouth.

One second promoting major chain and overpriced restaurant.

The next bemoaning the death of NYC locally owned stores that are disappearing.

If you're too dense to see how one thing affects the other, my
condolences on your lack of eductaion.

Heck, how can anyone take you seriously when you promote the Apple Store
by showcasing your events there when anyone in NYC knows that Tekserve
has been around longer and serving the NYC computing community longer.

PS: I called you a cock Jake because it's clear that you and your
Gothamist attitude will dicate this post be deleted because it's not
massaging your ego. So delete away. Anyone who's been a reader of
Gothamist for more than 1 week already knows how flitty and two faced
Gothamist coverage and behavior can be.