Actress Famke Janssen recently reported an odd crime at her Greenwich Village home, and since then everything has gotten really weird and confusing. Let's see if we can crack this case...

Last weekend Janssen called the police reporting that when she returned home she found a (first edition!) copy of the 1957 children's book The Lonely Doll by her bedside. She claims she has never owned that book, and had given no one else access to her apartment.

So, she is rightfully creeped out, because intrusion, but also because DOLLS.

In 2005, Janssen had a stalker who wouldn't stop sending her photos and letters, and at the time she filed a harassment report with police. And as TMZ scaremongeringly points out about the latest incident: "The Lonely Doll is about a couple of toys who promise to NEVER, EVER LEAVE each other."

The NYPD has been investigating the incident as a burglary, but they haven't found a thing. There were no signs of a forced entry, surveillance footage showed nothing—a source told the Post, “There is nobody suspicious... all the people on the video are accounted for," and there were no fingerprints on the book.

So what happened? Ghost? Drunken impulse purchase of The Lonely Doll? Shrewd viral marketing for Janssen's forthcoming Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters?