Just look at that face!

Last year we found a dog wandering the streets of Williamsburg and took him in to the office. After a trip to the vet, a microchip was discovered, and the dog and owner were reunited. Sadly, not all stories end this way, and earlier this week Nick Carr at ScoutingNY took in a dog that was left tied to the Williamsburg Bridge's pedestrian walkway... during the snowstorm. He says his friend found the dog "shivering, completely drenched and half-frozen... we’re almost certain her owners left her out in it overnight to die." She was taken to the vet, bathed, fed and is now rotating between the friends; Carr says "she’s been a doll. Hasn’t barked once—in fact, I think the only sound I’ve heard was when she began whimpering when I left the room."

Learn more about the pup (who is 1 or 2 years old) here... because maybe you'll be smitten and want to adopt her! She needs a "forever home," and the fear is that she'll end up at a kill shelter if one isn't found soon.