Let's cut to the chase here: if this cat isn't adopted by December 26th, the current owners are going to euthanize her, making it the saddest Boxing Day ever. So let's save her!

Here's what we know: the 9-year-old cat, named Sumi, is SO CUTE, and also spayed and vaccinated. One of her humans has asthma, which has been dormant until recently, and because of that she can no longer stay in her current home. We don't know Sumi personally, but her owners say she is very lovable, loves jumping in laps, and is never aggressive. They have called shelters, but no one is able to take in an adult cat right now.

So, instead of buying someone a pet from a pet store, which most likely came from an evil puppy mill, why not adopt this gal? If you're interested, we are told you should email: brooklynoptimist@gmail.com. [via Miss Heather]

UPDATE: The owner of Sumi has contacted us to explain, "She's currently in a shelter. The shelter has a policy of euthanizing animals if they are deemed unadoptable. We are not euthanizing the animal. If we don't pick her up on Dec 26, she will be euthanized. It's our goal to have her in a new home by then so that will never be an option."