Raccoons: if they're not running amok in John Varvatos stores in SoHo, then they're kicking down doors in Bed-Stuy, Park Slope, the Bronx, and City Hall. The raccoons own this city, and if they want to break into our beer warehouses and trip the pink elephant fantastic, than we can only stand by in awe like video uploader Phillipp Scott.

"This raccoon is drunk!" is an understatement. Most raccoons lead lives of quiet desperation. This guy can't take quiet desperation.

The video was shot at Union Beer Distributors in Brooklyn toward the end of last month. Scott later noted that the raccoon had been nicknamed "Tipsy."

If you find yourself with an inebriated raccoon on your premises, don't panic—just pull out your handy raccoon brochure, call 311, or send an artisanal bat signal into the sky and wait for this guy to arrive.

FYI, lots of animals "like" to get drunk. Especially this one moose, apparently.