Photo via franciscodaum's flickr

Just treating yourself to the luxury of a cab ride home can be enough some nights, but when the driver senses that the experience could be torqued up even higher for you—say, by magically playing the perfect song—your spirit is lifted and you just don't want the ride to end.

Let's say you leave a bar after having a few drinks, begrudgingly call a car service because there are no yellow cabs around and going on the subway right now would just crush your soul, which has only just been slightly repaired by those aforementioned drinks. You get in—start thinking, start thinking a little too much—your body tenses up, you remember all the worries you had before entering that bar tonight, and now you have to pay $16 to get home when really that money should be going towards your overdue Con Ed bill. This car ride has become a microcosm of your world of troubles a... ENTER: Awesome Driver.

Amy Finkel was lucky enough to have an Arecibo driver with impeccable taste in later night music last night—she tells us that just before "St. Elmo's Fire" there was "a full-on yacht rock set, complete with 'Sarah Smile' by Hall and Oates. It was delectable."

So to the car drivers who can sense when a little music is needed, and have got just the right '80s song on deck, thank you. Anything's better than the fucking Eagles.