For some people (me), the 1990s feel like the decade that happened before this current decade. My brain completely skips the first decade of the aughts, and brings me back to the era of flannel, olive green fuzz, wack slacks, and glorious youth. For this reason, it's very disorienting when I see things on Etsy labeled "vintage" when they are just from the 1990s. A Hole T-shirt is vintage now! That's crazy, because I just saw them at Lollapalooza on a bill with Sonic Youth and Pavement.

Anyway, this also means that I never expect footage showing 1990s NYC to look so vastly different from today's NYC, and yet here we are. Above, Japanese rock duo B'z brings you around Manhattan in their early-'90s music video for "Hot Fashion," and even the New Yorkers look different from today's—maybe it's the rollerblades.

As one Redditor noted today, "This music video is part of a larger mini movie called Film Risky that was essentially a music video compilation. A cassette tape falls through a portal or something in Japan and a woman in NYC finds it, and Koshi Inaba has to track it down for... reasons."