Yesterday MoMA Tweeted that 30 works in their collection were recently analyzed by experts... or rather, children in kindergarten through the 5th grade. You can take their guided tour while listening to the kids talk to you via previously recorded bits. Little ones are always so brutally honest, and these kids don't hold back. When addressing Jackson Pollock's work they basically call him a hack, and say he "shouldn't be in art museums because it's just splatter paint."

This is all part of MoMA Unadulterated, "an unofficial audio tour for the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection that's created by kids. Each piece of art is expertly analyzed by kids aged 3-10, as they share their unique, unfiltered perspective on such things as composition, the art's deeper meaning, and why some stuff's so weird looking." But will they address the ageist lack of dinosaurs at the museum?